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Red Fire Ants

A very common ant in San Antonio and throughout Texas is the “red fire ant”.  It’s reported that the fire ant impact cost the state of Texas approximately $1.2 billion annually.

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Like all insects, the fire ant’s body is broken up into three main sections: head, thorax, and abdomen, including three pairs of legs and a set of antennae. The copper brown head and body with a darker abdomen makes the fire ant distinguishable from other ants. Fire ant sizes range from 2 mm to 6 mm.

Fire Ant Habitat
Dome-shaped mounds with no exit hole in the top is a sure sign of a fire ant mound. The mounds are usually oblong in shape.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants build their colonies primarily in moist or decayed wood in both inside our ousted environments. The “carpenter ant” gets its name from hollowing out wood to build their nest in such a smooth and sanded fashion like it was the work of a carpenter. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood, they eat living and dead insects.

Carpenter Ant Identificationcarpenter ants san antonio 300x223 Ant Control
Carpenter ants are usually red or a combination of red and black in color. Carpenter ants also happen to be some of the largest ants  throughout the Unites States ranging from a 6 mm (minor worker) to the (wingless queen) at 20 mm long.

Carpenter Ant Habitat
Outside, carpenter ants nest usually build their nest in moist or rotting wood such as tree stumps, landscaping timbers, or boards lying on the ground. Inside, carpenter ants are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom areas where water has a tendency to leak such as behind bathroom tiles, around tubs and sinks, and under dishwashers. If found inside a home, carpenter ants are an excellent indicator of a moisture or leak problem.

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants earn their name from their erratic wandering behavior, not following the traditional trail as most other ants.

Crazy Ant Identificationcrazy ants san antonio 300x225 Ant Control
The small, dark colored ants can be found looking “crazy” around countertops, floors, and driveways.

Crazy Ant Habitat
Crazy Ants nest in soil beneath logs, landscape timbers, lumber, firewood, paver stones, and other debris that provides cover. Like carpenter ants, they are can sometimes be found in rotting wood, tree stumps,  and limbs of trees.

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